How much will the Death Grip change my draw length?
In most cases the Death Grip will shorten the draw length of the bow a little less than  1/2/inch on a
bow that has a full grip and 3/4 on a bow with side plates.
How much will the Death Grip change the brace height of my bow?
The brace height will remain unchanged because the pivot point of the grip is inside the grip and
only 1/4 inch from the grip seat. The factory grip that is on the bow will also hold your hand 1/4 of
an inch off the riser, in most cases. If the bow has no grip around the back of the riser as is the
case with some of the late model bows,the brace height will change by 1/4 inch. Remember
shooting a bow with a Death Grip on it is like adding inches of brace height
Does the  DEATH GRIP require any maintenance?
No, The grip requires absolutely no maintenance. The bearings are completely sealed from
moister and dirt. Once you snap the grip on your bow you should never have to take it off.
What does the Death Grip feel like.
The grip feels like wood.  It  weighs about the same as wood. It is not an
injection molded piece. Each grip is cast and hand finished.
Will the DEATH GRIP fit on my bow?
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If you do not see your bow listed call or email us to find out for sure.
How do I remove the Death Grip from a bow and put it on another one?
Remove the screw on top of the bearing assembly. Thread a 3/4 inch long 10x24 Allen screw back
a normal condition. Keep turning the screw into the threaded hole in the bearing assembly. This
will pop the bearing assembly from the riser. Then simply remove the adhesive from the grip seat
as you did the paint when you mounted it , and the bottom of the bearing assembly. A remounting
kit will be needed to mount the grip on another bow. Remounting kits are readily available from